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Pug Dog is a Perfect Portrait Pet breed dog!

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Ooh this is Etymology- Charming Pug breed dog Secret History

Why do we call it a Pug?

Know the Secret!
The catchy name “Pug” came from Marmoset Monkeys. Marmoset Monkeys were popularly known as Pug Monkeys. Researchers state that “In the early 1700s Marmosets were the popular pets”. As Marmoset Monkeys’ face looks similar to the faces of the Pug Dogs. So, this charming was named a Pug.

What is Pugnus?

Here it is!
Little Pug has a fascinating history in it. Pug is an Oriental dog breed in China. As a pet Pug dog begin its Journey in China. At first, Pugs were allowed to keep by the Chinese Royalty. In the early times, pugs were called “Lo-Tze”.
Later it was named a Pug. Theories said that Pug originated from the Latin word called Pugnus means fist. Because the wrinkles in a fawn Pugs head look like a fist.

Pug Dog at First Sight


How does it look ?
The Colour of the Pug Dog is often black or Fawn.
Pugs usually grow with a height between 10-13 inches.
The Weight of the Pugs is around 6-9 kg.
Pug ears are tiny and their inside ears look like a rose.
Pugs have round sparkling eyes and it usually large.
Pug Nose is small and in black colour. Its muzzle is full of delightful wrinkles.
The tail of the pug is curled up over the top of the body.
A View on Pug Dog Lifespan

How long does Pug live?

Studies showed that Male pugs have a shorter life span than female Pug. In nature, pugs live for 12-15 years. Pugs have short lives. The reason for the short living is pugs have the ability to gain weight quickly. Because of respiratory problems, many pugs don’t live longer than 15 years.

Which is the oldest Pug that lived after 15 years?

research also stated that some of the noteworthy pug dogs have lived even after 15 years. Guinness World Records verified that the oldest pug ever lived is Snookie. Snookie had a life span of 27 years. Snookie lived in South Africa. This oldest Pug ended his life journey in 2018.

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Cutie Pug breed dog – A Perfect Portrait Pet
What makes a pug dog the Perfect Family Pet?
A pug is an often comical and affectionate dog.
Pug is a quick learner and eager to play with people.
It follows you and tends to be expressive.
Pug gets attach to people of any age.
Pug dogs will not deliver an aggressive bite.
It’s safe for the children to play with Pug Dog.
Pugs get along with other animals like cats.
Know about Pug Foods

Do you know? – Pugs are food lovers!

Pugs are endless eaters and not picky about food. It enjoys a variety of flavours. Usually, Pug dogs should be fed three times a day with healthy snacks in between. Some of Pug’s favourite food is Raw meats, Kibble, Fresh food, and fruits.
Foods should be provided in a measured value to avoid being overweight. Some toxic foods like grapes, Peach pits, Avocados, Chicken bones, and raw potatoes should be avoid in feeding Pug.

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A Sense of Pug Dog Health

Care for your Pug Dog!
Every pet needs special care whereas Pug Dog needs more.
Protect your Pug dog from gettings disorders.
As Pugs get easily affected by allergies, Regular bathing, brushing, and Nailtrims are to be followed
Pug’s Bulging eyes also occur with eye problems. Avoid accidental damage to Pug’s eyes while playing.
Feed your Pug with appropriate portions to avoid being overweight.
To be more healthy, offer your pug some shorts of exercise.
Keep your pug in moderate weather. puppy kingdom
Use a Harness on your pug to breathe better.
Train your pug to be smart and attentive.
Create a space for your Pug Dog.

Affordable Pug Dog Price


Looking for an Affectionate breed dog?

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