Famous Indian breed Kombai dog from Tamilnadu

Meet the magnificent Kombai, the first Indian dog breed on our list. Its clever name only enhances its hip appearance. Your memories of the Kombai dog will probably last a very long time. Learn more about this amazing dog breed by reading on.

History of the Indian breed Kombai dog

The town of Kombai, which is situated in the Tamil Nadu state of South India and has its origins there, is where the Kombai dog acquired its name. The Kombai Boarhound, the Indian Terrier, and the Polgar dog are further names for this canine breed.

When the Kombai dog was initially created, it was taught to hunt and work. It had flawless hunting prowess, and it had extraordinary agility. Every challenge a Kombai dog faced could be overcome.

There have been conflicting reports on the breed’s status; some from the 1960s stated it was popular and growing in numbers, while others from the same decade claimed it was on the verge of extinction.

Nevertheless, the Kombai continues to this day to be a watchful hunting dog that is highly regarded throughout all of India.

The appearance of Kombai dog

The Kombai is an athletic and nimble dog that commands all of the attention, with a slender and muscular frame that stands over 28 inches tall. Although Komba is classified as Indian Terriers, they don’t resemble any other terrier dog breed.
Dogs of the Kombai breed are born with a short, smooth coat that is typically coloured red, golden, or brown. A lighter shade of colour covers its back and breast in its coat. The Kombi’s coat colour resembles that of the common Labrador Retriever if the distinctive black mask is removed.

While the majority of Kombais have dark eyes from birth, others have stunning golden eyes that allow them to perceive the world. The ear tips of a Kombai are curved over and are of medium length.
The black mask on the Kombai’s muzzle serves as a distinguishing marking. Compared to sighthounds, their muzzle is slightly longer.
The Kombai breed carries its long, coiled tail over its back, which gets narrower toward the end.


The temperament of a Kombai is a subject about which there is a lot to be said.
These canines have a reputation for being courageous, ferocious, and very active. However, Kombai dogs are also renowned for being exceedingly wary of outsiders and fiercely protective of their pack.
They have a history of eliminating all intruders, whether they be people or animals.
The Kombai often picks just one person to love and guard. As a result, the Kombai isn’t always a good family dog. The Kombai is the ideal option, nevertheless, if you’re seeking a superior personal security dog.
Finding a pure breed of Kombai is difficult because of the breed’s declining popularity and endangered status.

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